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Playground & More

The playground is open and available for community use any time the hall is not rented.  If the gate is closed, please park in the driveway and walk in. If you want to use the playground & picnic tables for a small group gathering and know in advance, please call one of the members listed on the contact tab and we would be happy to ensure the gate is left open for you on the date requested. We encourage use of the playground and are happy to see little people playing there.

There are two picnic tables near the playground that are available for use anytime. The fire pit is available for use with hall rentals but must be noted in the request to rent the hall and included in rental contract.  Renters must supply own wood.


Horseshoe Pits – There is 3 horseshoe pits and while horseshoes should be available they have been known to disappear so bringing your own horseshoes is encouraged and if some are missing we welcome you to leave some extras behind, as might bring you some extra good luck! 😊

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