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History of Telford Hall

Telford School District lying mostly within Township 48, Range 26,  in the Northwest Territories was formed around 1905 and given the school division number 1355. 

When the school district was formed in 1905 it was given the name Telford after Robert T. Telford who at that time was the first member of the Legislative Assembly for the Constituency of Leduc.  The school was built on two acres of land (NE 10) donated by Mr Telford who had considerable holdings in this area.

Previously a makeshift school had been built on the Waldo Blodgett farm (Section 16) now known as the Benadetto farm in a small log building. 

In 1905 the new log school was erected.  W. Blodgett and C.F. Torney were appointed as trustees and a levy of five dollars per land owner was decided upon to cover costs of operation.  Later a frame building replaced the log school and it was used until the current old school house was built in 1944.  This school house was then used until 1953 when it began it’s life as the first Telford Community Centre.  In 1982 the “new” present day hall was built by volunteers on the west side of the old school house.  After the new hall was built the old school house was moved across to the north side of the yard where it still resides today. 

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